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project manager

Work place: Xiamen                           Recruitment number: 1 people
Type: full time                                    Salary: Negotiable
Education: Bachelor degree              Experience: more than three years
Department: K.C. Prototype & Manufacturing             Release time: 2017-1-20

Job responsibilities:

1、responsible for the development of the main objectives of the project and plans to develop, participate in or assist the implementation of the relevant policies and systems;
2、responsible for collecting market trends, changes in demand and customer feedback data;
3、the formulation of the company's trading business objectives, work plans and led the implementation of.

Post qualification:

1、Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, foreign trade english;
2、More than 3 years working experience in foreign trade project management, strong ability to work in a foreign company;
3、familiar with the trade process and related laws and regulations, familiar with trade terms, logistics, customs and tax knowledge;
4、with strong listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficiency in computer office software;
5、with good management, communication, problem solving skills, good negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance.

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